Reusable Bags Make the Best Souvenirs

Sucker for satchels.  Hoarder of handbags.  Titan of totes.

Call me what you will, I’ve never met a bag I didn’t like.  I’ve also never met a tote bag that I didn’t STRONGLY feel deserved a good home…with me.

Maybe it’s my need to organize or my need to look like a Sherpa wherever I go.

Reusable bags make the best souvenirs when traveling for the following reasons:

  1. You’ll actually use them instead of the knick knack on the shelf.
  2. Help the environment by keeping a stash in the car so you can turn down plastic when running your errands.
  3. You have a regular reminder of your fun travels and adventures.

The last time I was in London, I acquired some new favorites.  

tote bags from borough market, waitrose, and fortnum and mason in London

The Borough Market bag came from a vendor inside the market and went to use right away carrying all of our goodies.  The market is one of the oldest in London (dating back to the 12th century!) and is filled with the most amazing artisans and food vendors.

Waitrose was the closest grocer to my parents home when they lived in London and I loved to roam the aisles there.  Again, necessary purchase to bring the goodies home.

The turquoise bag is from Fortnum & Mason, the best tea and food shop in town.  My parents got this one for me on one of their recent trips back.

tote bags from ginger pig butcher and telegraph newspaper in London

The Telegraph bag was being sold by a street vendor for £2 and had that day’s newspaper, a chocolate bar, and a small Union Jack flag.  I should’ve bought 10.  Talk about the best deal!

The Ginger Pig is a butcher shop in Borough Market that raises its own heritage breeds and works with small farms.

tote bags from ginger pig, telegraph, market, waitrose, and fortnum and mason in London

Aren’t they bee-ea-u-tiful bunch?  I have a frequent reminder of the fun markets and shops I went to in my all time favorite city.  The next time you travel, snatch some up. Practical and easily pack-able, reusable bags make the best souvenirs.

What is your favorite souvenir from your travels?

reusable tote bags from ginger pig, telegraph, market, waitrose, and fortnum and mason in London


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