Our Kitchen Hutch

I love a lot of things about our kitchen.  The floors.  The paint colors.  The natural light.

What I don’t love is the lack of cabinets and storage.  The room itself is a nice size but the eastern wall was completely empty.  We considered adding cabinets and another counter top but decided against it for multiple reasons.  It quickly became clear that a hutch would be a great solution.

I spent months searching online for the perfect piece but my drive to find the best bargain meant a refurbished piece would fit the budget best.  While searching Facebook one day, the perfect hutch came up in my feed.  A local store shared a photo of it that a vendor had just dropped off.  Within 15 minutes, I took measurements, texted my husband, and made a plan to meet at the shop on his way home from work.  A few days later, we pulled up to the shop with a rented U-Haul and brought the beauty home.

The color matched perfectly with with the paint scheme of the kitchen and the amount of drawer space and shelving meant more storage was in my future.

Kitchen Hutch Design

I love a palette of neutrals as they can be accented depending on the holiday or season.  I started with white and cream and added pewter and copper to provide interest and contrast.  In the springtime I add ceramic rabbits, eggs, and moss and during the holidays evergreen sprigs and reindeer chocolate molds dot the shelves.

I filled the display shelves with heirlooms and pieces that hold meaning.  I’m a big believer in displaying items that tell a story.

Here are some of the items that hold the most meaning:

Kitchen Hutch Design

  • Scottish Quaich (traditional toasting cup used in our wedding)
  • Silver toddler utensils used by my grandmother as a little girl
  • Cut crystal bowls that belonged to my great grandmother
  • Recipe box made with a silver spoon from my great grandmother’s silver set with her photo inside the lid

Kitchen Hutch Design

  • Toast rack my mother found for me while they lived in London
  • Glass scottie creamer (we have a scottie.  woof.)

Kitchen Hutch Design

  • Water bottles made in Italy.  Found them at Eataly Chicago and fell in love with the shape
  • Saucepan from my Grandmother’s copper collection

Kitchen Hutch Design

  • British jug and pudding bowl from Mason Cash
  • Small pot from my Grandmother’s copper collection

Kitchen Hutch Design

I love walking by and seeing items that bring a smile to my face everyday.  Not so long ago I used to keep items like this safely wrapped and stored away, reserving them for special occasions for fear of breaking or damaging them.  I’ve learned that giving these items breath and sunshine means I get to enjoy them more.  Exactly the way they should be.

What pieces hold special meaning for you and how do you display them

How I Styled Our Kitchen Hutch - The Lovely Lou Lous


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  • It’s wonderful when you find a piece of furniture that you love, and then fill it with the treasured items that carry so many happy memories. Looks great! Thanks for sharing

  • We picked up a Hoosier from a flea market. Traditionally, the Hoosier would have been someone’s whole kitchen. But for us it serves as storage. Like yours, it’s just so pretty to look at!

  • LOVE that hutch! It looks so organized! If it were mine there would probably be at least a few pieces of paper here or there! It is nice that there is a good mix of old and new, legacy and future. Very pretty!