The Formula for the Best Turkey You’ll Ever Have

I’ve brined a turkey. I’ve covered a turkey in the best seasoning blend. I’ve smoked a turkey low and slow over several hours. It wasn’t until I did all three together that I cracked the code for the best bird you’ve ever had. All you need are four things:

  1. A turkey.
  2. This brine.
  3. This paste.
  4. A smoker.

Brine the bird, drain, and cover it with half the paste. Place it on a smoker set to 275° and let it go low and slow until the bird reaches 165° in the meatiest part of the thigh. Melt a stick of butter with the rest of the paste over low heat and use to baste the bird periodically. Prepare for the applause of your Thanksgiving guests.

I’ve been making turkey this way for 7+ years and I’ll never do it any other way.

Formula for the Best Turkey You'll Ever Have - The Lovely Lou Lous


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  • I’m not in charge of the turkey this year (thankfully). I’ll be sure to pass this on to my sister. This is her first year hosting!