You Need A Reverse Bucket List

I opened my inbox one morning to an email from a blog I love, telling me a new post was up.  The title was about a reverse bucket list.  What I thought the post was going to be about and what I ended up reading were two very different things.  The post was all about things that the writer was NEVER going to do like move without help or go off sugar.  I had a laugh but it got me thinking about a different kind of bucket list.  I assumed the post was going to be about things you’d already accomplished.  Think about it.  So often we focus on our shortcomings, things we haven’t been able to do yet, and things we don’t have time for.  Whether its a to-do list or my bucket list, I find it to be a blessing and a curse of accomplishment for the things I check off and frustration/guilt for the things I haven’t.

I decided to sit down and create my own reverse bucket list; things I’ve already accomplished or gotten to experience that brought joy and satisfaction to my life.  It was a weird exercise thinking about your life in reverse.  Compiling what I am most proud of and what I am so thankful to have experienced took longer than I thought but that time was spent realizing I’ve been blessed to experience amazing things and I’m grateful for the joy it’s brought to my life.

It was a delightful excuse to slow down, grab a notepad, and a cup of tea and reflect. I encourage you to do the same.  I’d love to see your reverse bucket list in the comments below.  I mean who doesn’t love looking at a list that is completely and totally checked off?!?


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