The Easiest Way to Caramelize Onions (and store them!)

This. Is. Life. Changing.  I love the flavor and depth of caramelized onions so much but I usually do not have 40+ minutes to wait for them to start from raw, astringent crescents and get to where they are going in a skillet on the stovetop.  If I did have 40+ minutes of time I would probably use it on something else (like a pedicure, just sayin’).

This method is so easy, it isn’t even really a recipe.  All you need is a slow cooker, a small drizzle of olive oil, and a 5lb bag of yellow onions.  In the morning, I sliced the entire bag and dumped it into my large slow cooker.  I drizzled in a bit of olive oil and tossed to coat all of the onions.  I set the cooker on low and let it go all day, stirring every few hours.  At dinnertime, I drained off all of the liquid that had seeped out of the onions.  At this point they were a pale golden color.  I put the onions back in the dry slow cooker, set the lid ajar, and continued to cook on low overnight.  In the morning I had the most glorious, burnished mound of savoriness.

Easiest Way to Caramelize Onions - The Lovely Lou Lous

My favorite way to store these caramelized beauties is frozen so they keep the longest.  I use a 1/4 c. measuring cup and mound them onto a baking sheet.

Easiest Way to Caramelize Onions - The Lovely Lou Lous

Stick in the freezer until solid and then transfer to a plastic freezer bag.

Easiest Way to Caramelize Onions - The Lovely Lou Lous

I use these for everything; scattered on a pizza, on a chicken breast with grated gruyere for a riff on french onion soup, or heck in soups themselves!

Minimal effort and fast flavor whenever you need it.


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